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times writing about what he called immigration fear. country and stronger role of law, passed copperheads of reform. -- past comprehensive reform. then there is this summary from the new york times editorial. there is a better way to be safer. pass an immigration bill if terrorists, drug traffickers, and gang bangers with sharp meters in the immigrant haystack, then shrink the haystack. get 11 million people on the books, find out who they are. the issueur calls on of boy scouts of america we welcome jim to the conversation from oklahoma. good morning. the gay crowd wants to push how they live on uni. they should be able to decide their own rules and the government should be completely out of it. just like the gay marriage thing. if they want to get married, fine. if a certain church doesn't want to marry them, then so be it. the government should stay out of the whole issue. that's it. host: part of the debate this week on what to do with the alleged bomber involved in the killing of three bostonians over this past week. the headline, republicans want the boston bombing suspe
are pursuing avenues of product of the element today that are not restricted by existing law, but we are also seeking additional flexibility in other promising areas. the postal service provides a delivery platform for the $800 billion mailing industry that employs 8 million people. it is a big industry, and the way to keep that platform strong is to innovate in ways that improve the experience of delivery and the experience that people have with their mail. having the flexibility to create new products and pursue business opportunities is an important way to keep postal service and the milling industry in total healthy. and i hope everyone is as optimistic as i am that we can get the flexibility through law to make this happen. as i look out to the future, there is an lot to build on. marketing mail or direct mail it is rebounding nicely. we went through a rough spot there with the recession, and despite all the ways that people change in terms of communicating and selling products, marketing mail continues to garner roughly 12% of the total spent in marketing in this united states. it has b
of the law should fall on them like never seen before. there should be penalties in jail sentences so we do not hire people and documented in the country ever again. upt will cost money to set the verification system. we are going to set it up. that guarantees the american people that they feel we are not fooling around edges going to legalize american -- 11 million people. >> the house group has been reticent only sunday at the christian science monitor. you're not even confirmed the existence of the group. you issued a joint statement. what changed? public?you now are you under pressure to come with a more conservative plan out of the house in order to move forward? >> i think you will find a more conservative plan coming out of the house. the majority are republicans. within the majority there are many members of the tea party. look at the a ray of people -- the array of people that often move these through their committees. they are in charge. it is very difficult. i think the bipartisanship is you have to get a bunch of your s and she might i think you will get a more conservative. >>
a good chance of passing the house and being signed into law by the president. the legislation is not perfect. there are provisions that most if not all senators can support. some will appeal to more than others. no one will like every provision. still images and our economy and neglect our humanitarian responsibilities. magnitudeof that would never be easy to address and never more necessary. cannot be achieved by means .arry it we have addressed labor needs of a growing and competitive economy with a workable worker policy and sensible expansion of hi visa programs. we make it more difficult for employers to hire people who come here illegally. we have confronted the reality of people who came here illegally by proposing lengthy practices and does not place lawful immigrants at a disadvantage. finally, we have recognized our most people who cross borders illegally overstay their visas have done so for the same reason that attracted other immigrants here -- to find economic opportunity and a better life for their families and to live in a society that values human dignity. we
by the immigrants themselves as has been much immigration law in the past. now,, i think it's too -- look, we want a rigorous, right, everify system. what does that mean? it's a system, you go get a job, 16 million people change -- initiate a job every year. that is they go and apply for a job every year. 16 million in the united states. i want a system that when they go, they say, boy, you are verified by the american government as being legally in the united states, legally eable to vote, and verified. and sell that to the employer and if the employer hires somebody that doesn't go through that verification system, i think the weight of the law should fall on them like never seen before. there should be penalties and there should be jail sentences so you don't hire people undocumented, illegally in this country ever again. that's going to cost money to set up that verification system. but let's just agree on this. we are going to set up such a verification system because that guarantees the american people that they feel we're not fooling around and we're not just -- we're going to legalize 11 m
access to health care next year as result the law. news programs fall under the purview of our witnesses and in sibelius. am sure you're are quite busy, madam secretary. in 167 days millions of americans will begin enrolling in health insurance plan submission marketplace. time is short. we need to use each of these days to make sure the marketplaces are up and running, ready to help uninsured americans axis affordable coverage. the present budget request a total of $5.2 billion for program management at the centers for medicare and medicaid services. of this, $1.5 billion would we to establish health insurance marketplaces. i am concerned that not every state, including montana, would have an insurance marketplace established in time. the moneyow how requested would be used to ensure the marketplaces would be ready to go. the budget also requests $550 million for outreach and education for the health insurance marketplace is. for the marketplaces to work, people need to know about them. people need to know their options, how to enroll. i would also like to know -- i want these new marke
♪ >> this is not about gun reform. it's not about gun laws. it's a story. it's a story about what could have prevented the loss of innocent lives and protect the ones of the future. 25 years ago, my mother, lisa, attended pinellas park high school. she was a varsity cheerleader. a member of the honors choir. on february 11, 1988, it was a day like any other day. she and her friends were eating lunch in the commons area when chaos erupted. >> all of a sudden, there was a loud noise, people started screaming, kids were yelling, and it was so confusing and at first i thought there must be a fight. but then i saw all of these kids running toward us, tables were turning over, lunch plates were hitting the ground, and people were screaming, there's a gun, there's a gun! >> sophomores jason hollis and jason mccoy brought guns to school. however, harrless was the only one to open fire. assistant principal nancy blackwelder and a student intern were critically injured by gunshot wounds. the high school was forever changed as the principal was fatally wounded. >> never in my mind did i think that there was a gu
the defendant, we know that is a dangerous situations or us. these laws will be changed in a way that we will be misrepresented and and therefore our chapters across the country have been fighting back against that. we have been organizing people to register voters and get whatever is necessary, if it is an id that they tell you you need, while we fight that law, you have to have the id. our chapters have gone out and organized in churches and areas across this country to ensure that our people are empowered with what is necessary to fight back against oppression and the walls of evil. we have done that. we saw in 2012 election, we stood on line, they would not be silenced, they got up, they with they needed to do and five. [applause] -- and fought back. [applause] are stillstates that working on suppression. they decided that we may have been able to overcome in one election, but that does not mean they will not work on continuing to figure out how to disenfranchise our people. we canurt keyesff ofe ice and gp because we may feel that we election.- won one it means nothing. if they can
or full strength of the law, will happen almost immediately and then from there, the citizenship will be probably a decade or more down the road. >> and the president's role in all this? what do you hear from the congressman? >> the congressman has been probably the best -- the biggest democratic critic of the president on immigration, particularly in the congress. people a few immigration who said obama helped them. but he got himself arrested protesting the deportation policy in 2010. from what i understand it's been difficult for the president to figure out what his role is because he really is supposed to be doing the cheerleader role for the house and senate rather than actually being presidential in the sense of -- >> or negotiating. >> or negotiating. >> keep in mind when this was last being, the same concept was last being discussed in the bush administration, there were members of both the department of homeland security and the commerce department up on the hill every day when they were doing this i'm not seing that now. >> thank you very much for your time, appreciate
that really caught our attention yesterday. i certainly want our leaders and our law enforcement to do everything necessary. but i must tell you a couple of gabe stories before i go through my remarks. the first one being triggered by ron's comment about computer support. this will tell you how dedicated gabe was to his job. when i first told ben, his brother that gabe was computer support for his office was, dad, you've got to be kidding. and -- because fwabe was not computer technical, especially, but the point is, somebody needed to figure out how to do it this people in the office needed help so he did it. the other thing i wanted to mention was a tale of courage. the -- not exactly gabe's courage. the -- there was a shooting in southeast arizona, a rancher was shot, there was a great furor over it and gabrielle decided she needed to meet with the ranchers in that reason, speak with them directly and understand their concerns. gabe was talking to me about the preparations for this. and i listened for a while and said, son, these people are very upset. it's awfully brey of you and y
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)